Trust me, I know it can be hard trying to find the right business advisor to work with; especially with the climate of the marketplace these days. Most business advisors use complicated sales strategies and fancy business terms that leave you even more confused after having a conversation with them.

Don’t worry. That’s not me or my agency.

If you’re looking for an experienced business advisor to help you through the maze of sales, marketing, and business planning strategies, it is highly possible that we will be a good fit. I believe that the client-consultant relationship is a two-way street. It is important for you as the client, and me, as the consultant and agency, to be able to vet each other.

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Over the years, I've had the ultimate pleasure of working with an impeccable group of clients one-on-one, as well as at my firm. While every client and business is different, most of my clients typically have similar ideals and methods of operation.
Here’s a quick overview of the clients I am currently servicing:

• My clients are Purpose Driven, Part-Time Entrepreneurs who are looking to replace their Corporate America salaries in the next 12-24 months by monetizing their skills and expertise.

• Purpose Driven, Full-Time Entrepreneurs who are looking to catapult or reinvent their current brands and marketing strategies.

• My clients consider themselves to be purpose-driven, they do not believe in the “overnight success” theory. However, they recognize that hard work, dedication, and calculated monetary investments in their businesses pay off in the long run.

• My clients do not let one bad day, month, or experience deter them from their long term goals.


• Our clients understand that marketing is a long term investment. Agency clients must have a budget of over $10,000.

• Our clients understand that there is no one size fits all sales page or magic sales funnel that can be copied and pasted for success.

• Our clients do not call us wanting to copy a recent Facebook ad or rinse and repeat marketing strategy found on the latest free webinar.

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If you are represented anywhere in the outline above, I’d would love for you to contact me for a Clearity Call. It’s like a Discovery call on steroids.
Clarity and Reality meet you and your business.

The Clearity Call™ helps entrepreneurs turn clarity into nearing reality.   In this call:

• We will map out high-level outcomes to help you create your nearing reality
• I’ll highlight unrealized growth targets and facilitate actionable strategies
• I’ll offer guidance on executing your talents and vision into reality
• You’ll Receive a 90-Day Marketing Jumpstart™
My Approach

If you are interested in working with me, I came up with a simple, yet powerful and proven formula.

The simple formula is called, “The Press Play on Purpose Game Plan™”. Here is a brief rundown of the step-by-step formula.

Each client goes through this step-by-step proprietary formula. Keep going, you can learn more about the process below.

Step 1 - Vision

This allows me to really get to know clients, your dreams and aspirations inside and out using custom assessments. We help you to identify your purpose, drive, strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses. This is where we discuss your current reality, goals, and what your options are based on your budget. Think of this as, where clarity meets reality. Sometimes, it is difficult to assess the actions needed to effectively communicate your personal and professional vision. Clearity™ is always the first step. Because compelling business ideas don’t just happen.

Clearity™ – The point in a business function where clarity meets reality.
Step 2 - Vehicle

This is where I’ll help you craft an original game plan! Your goals will be translated into a format that allows you to infuse your current reality with the steps needed to get to your desired reality.

The Clearity Road Map™  recommended resources list

Step 3 - Velocity

This is where I’ll help you identify strategies using attraction and lifestyle marketing to amplify your voice, become a client magnet, and pull it all together with the speed of implementation.

The speed of implementation is very important because it takes massive action to be successful with anything in business or life.

Speed of implementation simply represents the speed at which you take action when you have an idea or desire. The quicker you act the more likely you will achieve.

The Way I Communicate

Hopefully, it is evident by my social media activities on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, that I want to share my entrepreneurial journey and lifestyle by being as transparent as possible. I communicate with clients regularly via email, private client portals, and video communication platforms. My experience has shown me that it is very difficult as a professional to perform highly strategic and visionary duties if you are on the phone all day or in meetings.

During the week, I block 2 ½ days out of my schedule for client meetings. The remainder of my days are spent on continuing education, project fulfillment, and providing valuable content that will benefit current and future clients.

As the CEO of Creative Umbrella Consulting LLC., my time is best spent handling the strategic functions of the business. It is my goal to ensure that I am handling the fundamental projects my clients need to achieve their optimal results.

If you are the client who constantly wants to be on the phone with your business advisor directly, then working with me probably won’t be the best option for you.

After years of experience in Corporate America and as a Serial Entrepreneur, I realized that phone conversations are only executed properly with a clear plan of action. When calls aren’t structured, they can interfere with my primary role and responsibility: facilitating the achievement of my clients’ personal and professional goals.

What I Do For My Clients
First and foremost, I feel that clients and their advisors should work in solidarity.

 For most people, businesses are a risk. That is why it is important to know, like, trust, and respect the people who you are entrusting your vision with. Good marketing and brand management doesn’t work overnight. It takes risks, time, patience, and trust. After all, teamwork makes the dream work. Doesn’t it?

Over the years, I’ve diligently structured my services and work in a manner that gives clients personal attention and brand management support. And while there is always room for improvement, I strive to implement better processes as I climb the success ladder. My on-going promise is to stay committed as a marketing professional. Each year, I have committed to 365 hours of continued education. I’ll leverage that training to catapult businesses owned and operated by purpose driven professionals.

After reading the above information, if you want to move forward with scheduling a call to get clear on next steps, I’d be happy to get to know you and your business/professional goals better.

My assistant will schedule our initial appointment together after you have made your payment and completed your written assessment.