3 Practical Ways to Cope with Stress as an Entrepreneur

3 Practical Ways to Cope with Stress as an Entrepreneur

There are a few inevitables in entrepreneurship. An idea you believe in, risks nobody else quite understands, and stress. So much stress. To the outside world, entrepreneurs are these unique, confident creatures who are willing to risk it all to live their dream lives. Internally, like most human beings, entrepreneurs are generally stressed, anxious, and questioning their decisions every day.

When you make the leap from the security blanket of a steady paycheck to being your own boss, you will experience some changes. You will no longer be able to think like a worker. Your thought process and everything you do will require you to think like a boss. With that being said, that does not mean that life won’t happen and you won’t be hit with tough situations you’ll have to cope with. Coping with a difficult situation, a death, a bad report from the doctor, etc. is a stressful task for anyone, but offers a unique element of stress to entrepreneurs. One, that only recently, has been shared by an increasing number of self-made business people.


This new element of stress is coupled with the fact that, “the show must go on”- through sickness, sadness, stress, and loss. If these emotions are not handled well, it can impact the business, the team, and ultimately the entrepreneur herself. There is no way to avoid stress, but there are ways for entrepreneurs to be sure that their adventures lead to the quality of life they desire.

Grow a strong support network with other business professionals and entrepreneurs.Entrepreneurship is a unique life experience that many cannot relate to. Having relationships with other business professionals and entrepreneurs who can relate to the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship is important. For many years entrepreneurs had to constantly display themselves as confident beings, who had it all together and didn’t have any worries. Thankfully there has been an increased display of successful business owners sharing their struggles, letting other entrepreneurs know that they are not alone and they too can overcome obstacles while growing their businesses.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people turn to unhealthy mechanisms to battle stress such as alcohol, drugs, and other negative behaviors. However, these tactics can actually make their situation worse. It’s extremely important for entrepreneurs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating healthy eating, exercise, and other self-care routines are not only good for the body, they also increase creativity and productivity, which helps entrepreneurs grow innovative businesses.Laugh as much as you can. Whoever said laughter is the best form of medicine was right. Have you ever been in the middle of a difficult conversation, and at the perfect time, someone makes a joke that clears the air and helps things run smoother? That’s because laughter produces positive endorphins. Learning to laugh during difficult situations will brighten your mood and help you think of creative ways to solve tricky issues.

The bottom line is, stress is inevitable. There aren’t any proven ways to avoid stress at all costs so it’s especially important for entrepreneurs to learn how to cope with stress. With these three coping mechanisms entrepreneurs can lead and grow businesses they are proud of even in difficult times.

What are some coping mechanisms you use to deal with stress?

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